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How to get the full use of your FSA (flexible spending account)

February 19, 2015 Gregory Dockter

You might be wondering "what type of items can is use my FSA money for?"  Make sure you leave no money wasted in this valuable account! Did you know you can get over the counter medications paid for by your FSA?  The laws have change so you can no longer just purchase these items off the shelf and apply it to the FSA money.  Only certain items such as bandages, crutches and certain other over the counter medical devices could be purchase with these funds.  These along with prescription medication copayments, medical and dental expenses not paid for by insurance,...

Why you don't tilt your head back when you get a nosebleed

February 19, 2015 Gregory Dockter

The reason you should not tilt your head back when you get a nosebleed is that blood to run down your throat. This blood can then make you cough or choke.  When the volume of blood is large it might begin to vomiting. This is why you should always tilt your head slightly forward when ever you have a nosebleed.

New Product Now Available to Stop Nosebleeds

December 18, 2014 Gregory Dockter

ByzMed, LLC is a privately held company focusing on over the counter health care products needed by consumers. One of these innovative products is DrxNoze® Nosebleed Relief, a unique, patented formulation that will stop most nosebleeds, typically in one minute, allowing users to return to their activities quickly. DrxNoze® Nosebleed Relief is the result of years of research and development. It is a unique blend of natural ingredients that constrict blood flow and speed clotting. The one-time use applicator applies a topical gel, formulated with all natural active ingredients to the problem area and the bleeding stops, typically in one...