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New Product Now Available to Stop Nosebleeds

December 18, 2014 Gregory Dockter

ByzMed, LLC is a privately held company focusing on over the counter health care products needed by consumers. One of these innovative products is DrxNoze® Nosebleed Relief, a unique, patented formulation that will stop most nosebleeds, typically in one minute, allowing users to return to their activities quickly.

DrxNoze® Nosebleed Relief is the result of years of research and development. It is a unique blend of natural ingredients that constrict blood flow and speed clotting. The one-time use applicator applies a topical gel, formulated with all natural active ingredients to the problem area and the bleeding stops, typically in one minute, all without forming a large clot at the surface of the bleed.  Allowing the user to get back to their activity without restrictions or worry of rebleeding.



Who is more likely to get nosebleeds or problematic nosebleeds?

People involved in athletics (boxing, wrestling, hockey, football, etc.)People on blood thinning agents (warfarin, aspirin, etc.)People involved in cold weather and high altitude activitiesPeople using nasal steroids
People with upper respiratory infectionsPeople with a deviated septumPeople with allergic and non-allergic rhinitisPeople with hypertension (high blood pressure)People with a history of alcohol abusePeople with inherited bleeding disorders (such as hemophilia and Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia



The Product is available online at and


Interested Retailers can inquire about carrying DRxNoze Nosebleed Relief at 1-866-473-1740 or the contact form at