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How to get the full use of your FSA (flexible spending account)

February 19, 2015 Gregory Dockter

You might be wondering "what type of items can is use my FSA money for?" 

Make sure you leave no money wasted in this valuable account!

Did you know you can get over the counter medications paid for by your FSA?  The laws have change so you can no longer just purchase these items off the shelf and apply it to the FSA money.  Only certain items such as bandages, crutches and certain other over the counter medical devices could be purchase with these funds.  These along with prescription medication copayments, medical and dental expenses not paid for by insurance, and coinsurance for the eye glasses and office copayments.

So to take full advantage of your FSA (flexible spending account) to include other over the counter items, have your doctor, nurse practitioner or other medical prescriber write a prescription for these items.  The over the counter items will not be covered in under any copays, you might have, but since it is under a prescription it will be covered by your FSA account.

Now some items might very well not be appropriate but the over the counter medications would be a very good choice to be an appropriate use of your FSA money.