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    Greg Dockter, RPh - Founder

Background information

Greg Dockter has been a registered pharmacist since 1994. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin -Madison Pharmacy School in 1994 he starting in community pharmacy practice. Helping his customers and patients has been a priority. Through the years he developed a great fondness for over the counter medications and helping people understand appropriate use of these products. 

How the product came to be

One day when working at his pharmacy a person arrived with a bloody nose. Knowing the medications that the person was taking at the time, a blood thinner, it would take a while to stop the bleeding. Frustration set in with a lack of good choices to assist the patient, where a tissue was the best option at the time. So after diligent research a formula was developed, making sure to not cause problems with health conditions or drug interactions.

While in pharmacy school, Greg had taken a class that discussed the history of Pharmacy and how medication was discovered and used. Realizing that companies in the past looked to nature for solutions for today’s medical issues (digoxin, taxol, lovastatin, penicillin and aspirin to name a few). Researchers are still looking deep into the rainforest and ocean to find discoveries, which nature has already figured out. The intent was to harness these nature’s capabilities into a product that would stop the frustration for many as it does for myself. So Greg was fortunate enough to be able to work with a lab, Lenor Zeeh Pharmaceutical Experimentation Station, at the University of Wisconsin-Pharmacy School, to formulate the product.

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