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Stop Nosebleeds Fast!

End the Gusher - Stop the Re-Bleeds! 

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      • Why Do Nosebleeds Happen In The First Place?
      • Nasal membranes (mucosa) get dry and crack
      • Trauma to nose
      • Nose picking
      • Foreign object insertion
      • Blood Thinners 




 Nosebleeds are messy, time consuming and create anxious moments for those involved.

Shortening the duration of the nosebleed and preventing re-bleeding allows you to gain more control of the situation. Once blood is noticed, by applying the swab it can stop the bleeding before things get worse. 

Before it would take at least 5 minutes to stop the bleeding. With DRxNoze® Nosebleed Relief, most nosebleeds can be stopped in 1 minute, allowing you to return to your activities quickly. 

Until now, when nosebleeds occur, there hasn't been an easy quick way to stop the blood flow.

Even though people mistakenly do this, most people simply stick a tissue up their nose and tilt their head back...and wait...and wait...and wait. Even though shown in many places to tilt the head back, this is incorrect, you must tilt your head forward and pinch your nostril for 5 minutes. But the waiting still persists, along with the frustration.

Pharmacist and found of ByzMed, LLC, Greg Dockter is one of the many people out there that suffers from frequent nosebleeds. That, coupled with the fact that when he had a patient develop a nosebleed in his pharmacy and the best solution he could offer was a tissue, prompted him to develop his own nosebleed relief product. 

DRxNoze® Nosebleed Relief is the result of years of research and work.

The one-time use applicator applies a topical get to the problem area and the bleed stops, typically in a minute allow you to return to your activities quickly.

A box contains five ready to use applications.

 The all-natural homeopathic ingredients are safe for adults and children over 6 years old. 

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